Artist Statement

The spirals of a sea shell, the geometry of the seeds of a sunflower, the perfect mathematical proportions of the human body: if we look closely, nature will reveal its order in the most unexpected places; if we don’t look at all, nature’s order will pass us by and all we perceive is a form of semi-organised chaos.

As an analytical person, I try to find and create order in everything. Each of my wall sculptures begins as a design or pattern on a sheet of stainless steel. Although stainless steel is traditionally associated with solid structures and sharp edges, during forging the steel takes on a life of its own; warping and bending into a seemingly random sea of organic waves, obscuring the underlying design yet retaining enough of its structure to reveal it to the curious eye.

The reflective nature of the material results in a sculpture which blends with its environment offering the viewer a prospect into a world where their man-made surroundings co-exist with the organised chaos of nature. With this juxtaposition I seek to blur the dichotomy between man and nature – suggesting a possible reconciliation of opposites.


Victor Kirov was born in Dobrich, Bulgaria in 1987. In 1992 his family immigrated to South Africa. He found himself entrenched in the world of computers and, from an early age, helped his father, in his metal design and fabrication business, with computer aided design work.

Throughout his schooling Victor was interested in art and dabbled in sketching, digital art and 3D design and animation. After matriculating, Victor completed degrees in Mechatronics Engineering with Honours and in Computer Science. After working in the IT world as a software developer for many years he decided that he needed a change and, in May 2014, he began his full-time apprenticeship under his father, Rado Kirov, who had created a unique technique of manipulating stainless steel and was, by this time, an established artist in stainless steel sculpture.

In his art, Victor is constantly trying new techniques of fabrication, incorporating and combining new materials, and blurring the line between art and technology.